15 Hilarious Nurse Memes, All In A Days Work

Dec 5, 2022 | Aussie Nurse

Here is a collection of 15 hilarious nurse memes, showing the day in the life of a hospital based nurse through memes –

1. Oh No, The Night Nurses Aren’t Looking Happy – 


When you walk into work for a morning shift and you see the night shift nurses faces, plus the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Their looks tell me to turn around because the handover from night shift is about to get wild.

Its time to breathe & lets start this day!! 

2. After Handover & On The Floor To Start Working –


I’m always hopeful that each shift is going to be a good one, I put out so much good vibes and positivity out to the universe.

Mind you these hopes have now disappeared so fast that theres only one thing to do & we have to go full beast mode at work 

3. No Way, How Are You Still Talking To Me With That Blood Pressure? –


‘How are you still smiling and talking to me? Are you dizzy?’

The reply is ‘no’.

‘Here drink this water stat!!’ The Nurses face says it all, with how is this even possible? ‘Don’t walk without me and again, ‘you sure you’re ok and not dizzy?’

Lol, of course the patient is thinking what’s wrong with this nurse!!

4. No, No Don’t Swallow Them All At Once, Please Breathe!! –


Ok, observations/vitals are all done now its medication time, the nurse looks over to the patient and oh no down the tablets have suddenly disappeared.

Its like when people chew on their paracetamol tablets, nurses have a look of shock and horror on their face. We all know the taste is gross, how do people chew them??

especially when theres plenty of soluble paracetamol in stock as well

5. Yeah, We’re Cool, All Is Good!! –


This is past resilience, this is actually next level- everything is under control and There’s nothing to see, even though chaos is everywhere.

The nurses are like ‘no worries’ while they are completing one task as a time with the build up of 50 more things to do 

6. Alright, Its Another Work Day, Hold On Thats Not Normal!! –


When you agree to help another nurse with wound dressing who needs a hand and you see a Stage 4 ulcer.

Having seen the stage 4, we have to check with the person, ‘are you ok? Is it painful?’ Quick lets do a wound care nurse referral, dietician referral & protein supplement drinks needed stat!! 

7. Er, Yes, Yes Thats, Er Interesting –


Have you ever had one of these days where everyone is talking about themselves, you are trying so hard to show on your face some interest when all you are thinking about is all the work you need to do. This is when a nurse starts taking small steps backwards towards the door, slowly trying to escape.

Then finally saying pleasantly- ‘I’ve got to go’ and they’re out of the room, phew

8. No, Stop, High Falls Risk!! Stop –


Whoa that one patient that lives dangerously and always gets all the nurses hearts racing.

Right, they somehow made it back safely into bed, you then have the talk with them on safety like ‘we don’t want you falling or anything and make sure you use the call bell’.

They smile at you and agree, everything seems in check and you’ve turned your back for only a minute, No!! the chase is back on again

9. Me Is Always Useful!! –


Yeah, missed the IV insertion and I want to feel useful with being part of the team that is getting the IV in again.

My helpful role here as the tape holder makes this insertion easier and the IV is in, all done and completed

10. Seeing New Nurses Go Through This Is Epic –


The range of smells in our career that are so potent is amazing and seeing the sequence of events that a new graduate nurse goes through when they are first exposed to these smells, leaves them with their defences down.

Sometimes mouth breathing is not an option!!

11. I Will Roar!! –


When you walk out of a room that has precautions and you rip the PPE off like a champion.

It gets way too hot and sweaty under all the PPE, breaking free is fabulous, argh!!

12. A New Way To Set Boundaries –


‘Please don’t talk to me’, when all you want to do is get the documentation done so you can go home because you don’t want to stay back too late again.

But you like a good old chit-chat, alright back to documenting – I’m typing, type, type!! 

13. Whoa!! 13 Days!! –


Doing the last round before going home and a patient tells you this, my first thought would be ‘how?’ and then my second thought is ‘thats maybe broken a record for any kind of constipation’.

Now the nurse know, we need to sort this out with some aperient type dynamite- sorry to the nurses on the next few shifts because of the Code Brown Thats going to happen!!

14. Its Been A Day Of Smells, Sweat And Code Browns –


You know when you get home after a shift, the work shoes stay outside, uniform goes straight into the washing machine.

Then you head straight to the shower and use a massive amount of soap to wash off all the invisible things that got attached onto you during the work day #gross

15. You Know, Just Me Looking And Feeling Awesome –


Days off, no uniform in sight just me being pleased and excited to check out what’s happening and socialising.

Of course don’t tell work but we always have to screen who’s messaging the phone to pick up extras shifts. nah, this is all my time!! 

Bonus Meme- No.16


– Nurses Time Socialising Just Took A Turn – ‘No!!’. Why!!


We all know theres that mysterious black hole at work where things like pillows, thermometers & heaps of things go missing.

I’m not sure if theres a build up of too many urinals in the black hole, it looks like it decided to return one urinal back to us in this way, lol!! #nurseslife

Disclaimer –

Some of the memes have watermarks of the original makers on them, the collection of Memes were randomly picked from the internet. No copyright infringement was intended. 

Generally, this is just one day in the life of a nurse ………Thanks for reading, Aussie Nurse

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