15 Ideas of Side Hustles for Nurses

Apr 20, 2021 | Aussie Nurse

Recently many nurses have shared their insights into side hustles, nursing remains their core job yet they use side hustles to earn extra money to reduce the stressors of living pay cheque to pay cheque

These days we all know someone who has a side hustle and this got me investigating more as I wanted to find out what they are. Here are some of my findings –


Many people are willing to pay some one else with skills especially if they are struggling to do an everyday task. Tasks that may be out sourced are- freelance work, walking the dogs, furniture assembly, gardening, web development or content creation etc. 

A side hustle allows a person to either create to sell a product or even provide a service, these opportunities are available for basically anyone to get involved in. Some people may have specialised skills in a specific area, although others may have no formal training and just have a passion with some necessary skills.

People who work in side hustles may be working in these positions when they have spare time in the evenings or at the weekends and they can work as an independent contractor/freelancer away from their primary job. 

Side hustles are streamlined for both the customer and the person with the side hustle especially with so much work now moving online, they both are connected through an online website or platform. Mobile phones and the internet are allowing people to seize flexible lifestyles, a recent example of a side hustle is in 2020 and 2021 – food delivery services have been extremely popular whilst we were living the life of lockdowns.

Good things happen to those who hustle

– Anais Nin

Side hustle’s are more efficient and cheaper, this is seen as they are disrupting traditional ran industries and companies. For example Uber has disrupted the taxi industry, Airbnb has allowed for people to use their spare empty bedroom to make some extra cash, whilst disrupting the hotel industry.

With side hustles it is becoming known that if there is a need someone is willing to pay for a service and if they’re is a problem- someone is looking for a product to fit their needs. 

Another area that has many opportunities is for these who are creative and ambitious. As having a creative pursuit gives a person a way to express and lean into their passions, examples of creative interests may include-  Music – Writing – Artists – Animators – Film makers – Photographers etc.

The benefits of pursuing a creative passion is a person can present their work and it is appealing to those who feel weighed down with the expectations of a traditional job. As a person is growing or improving on their creative side the impact is regularly commented on-  mainly that having a personal pursuit in the background actually makes many people happier when they are at work- its a positive win-win.

Once a person has found what ‘niche’ they would like to create in, they may find other people who are new peers with similar interests to connect with and especially now that side hustles are becoming more common.

The way we will work in the future will continue to change even more especially as technologies improve, but there are possible disadvantages to be aware of- there is no guarantee of work or sustainable income, sometimes it can be competitive and there can be issues with workplace entitlements such as pay, work rights and working conditions.

15 Ideas of Side Hustles –

  • Selling products online/eCommerce
  • Copywriting
  • Pet sitting
  • Coding
  • Paid subscriptions- Patreon
  • Renting out a house or room
  • Create online tutorials & educational content
  • Photography
  • Live-Streaming videos
  • Podcasting
  • Create an E-book
  • Renting out your car
  • Becoming a virtual assistant 
  • Social media managers 
  • Visual artists

Many nurses have 2-3 jobs within healthcare and side hustles offer alternative to supplement incomes, for example- behind the scenes nurses who are bilingual have a side hustle to tutor others online and teach languages. Even parents who I’ve always seen as being time poor, amaze me as I’ve met recently these with children and family obligations yet they manage to find some time and are working as virtual assistants. 

The bonus is that many people are utilising the Internet and learning everything for free from websites and video streaming, with the use of technology the opportunities are vast to increase your earning power,

(Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash)

Disclaimer — This blog post on 15 Ideas of Side Hustles for Nurses is not advice. Please do your own research as this blog is for entertainment purposes only.

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have

– Maya Angelou

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