3 Awesome Superpowers That All Nurses Have

Jun 27, 2023 | Aussie Nurse

These 3 superpowers that all nurses have are definitely developed very early in our careers especially after gaining some experience in healthcare. With all that nurses are exposed to at work, we learn to identify situations and using these superpowers helps us with the demanding work we do when providing care to patients/residents

The 3 Superpowers That All Nurses Have Are – 
1. The Nurses Gut
2. Grit & 
3. Resilience


1. The Nurses Gut

The nurses gut is a powerful tool, its instinctive its like the body is responding and feeling that something just isn’t right, its a skill thats amazingly accurate too. This doesn’t sound scientific, yet its an ability to quickly identify subtle changes in a patient’s/residents condition and make decisions that are sometimes critical. Its a pretty cool superpower we have as nurses!!

Understanding something without knowing why you feel that way is subjective, although it may come from experience especially with all the close patient interactions nurses have constantly at work. Being able to combine both objective and subjective skills such as critical thinking and clinical judgments, makes intuition a valuable tool for nurses.

With the quick thinking to identify a situation there are so many workplace examples where nurses have responded and initiated met calls or code blues for all sorts of emergencies like cardiac events, respiratory distress or even initiated codes for aggressive behaviours. It’s amazing that using something like our intuition improves patient/residents outcomes and is a great superpower for any nurse to develop.

“Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know”

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

2. Grit 

Nursing is tough, I don’t think it matters which domain of nursing you work in we all get pushed and challenged, maybe this is why developing grit as a superpower is important. Grit is when a person who enjoys being a nurse is able to persevere through times that are testing.

It gives us the stamina to work through difficult situations that randomly pop up, we are able to face obstacles and the regular frustrations that affect us at work. We all have grit in varying degrees and it takes courage to self regulate ourselves to navigate the work thats need to be done in any day.

A person with grit looks forward with a clear view of why their work matters to them and this can fuel their determination to stay focused in a positive way. A gritty person believes in their effort and own abilities to overcome challenges, they are able to see temporary setbacks as not permanent failures, this superpower as a mindset will help you to thrive.

Having a mindset of grit is remembering what is important to you about being a nurse and make sure to find some positives in the ‘grind’ otherwise you may become drained rather than being nourished in your career as a nurse.

3. Resilience 

Nurses are regularly exposed to high levels of stress from the demands of the work we do, resilience gives you the ability to bounce back after having struggled with a setback or even a failure from experiencing workplace pressures. 

After a stressful, challenging or adverse situation, resilience is a superpower that develops a strength like ability to cope with the stressors in a positive way. It helps you to recover quickly from difficult conditions by having coping mechanisms to help reduce stress, especially with practices of self care and well being you can navigate the demands of your workplace.

Sometimes resilience is controversial because it can be seen as masking underlying problems without addressing the root causes of issues. Some of these issues may have actually been preventable and could have caused unnecessary challenges especially to an individual person as the action of stopping something from happening hasn’t been attempted.

All of these 3 superpowers are skills that are developed from experience and are influenced by a mindset towards any situation, they can be nurtured over time through deliberate practice.

When a nurse follows their gut its from within and allows you to sense a changing circumstance in a patient/resident and this comes from having knowledge and experience, this skill can never be unvalued.

Grit is about sustained, consistent effort even when we struggle and resilience allows you to meet any stressors by pushing through difficult moments. To overcome the many different challenges in nursing, developing both grit and resilience allows you to navigate uncertainty, accept new challenges and have a superpower strength to thrive in a career thats sustainable for the long term.

Bonus- Another superpower that all nurses have is that we’re always fun to be around 😆 Check out NurseJohnn

“Grit is having the courage to push through, no matter what the obstacles are because it’s worth it”

– Chris Morris

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