5 Ways To Find New Career Opportunities

Sep 27, 2022 | Aussie Nurse

Moving through our careers as nurses there are times where we may start exploring new job roles or just be looking for a new career in nursing altogether. To find new opportunities and to move into the career that you want can be done by connecting with future employers by either searching online or meeting people in person


Here are 5 ways to discover new career opportunities and to get a chance to grab the attention of a future employer – 

1. Job Search Websites 

I remember when I started nursing a while ago, my first job was in a large hospital that had a job board located in an always cold basement near the hospital kitchen facilities, I doubt these big solid boards still exist 😂 

Nowadays, we can find new jobs online through career websites they are like a market place for jobs, they are easy to use with a quick search we can see a variety of nursing roles instantly, including information on job locations, wages, salary packaging etc.

Popular career websites in Australia are – 

You can filter jobs that are industry specific like healthcare and as there are so many different roles for a nurse you can search for jobs that are specific to one domain in nursing that you are interested in- for example community nursing, education, clinical, research, management etc.

Job search websites are a great starting place to find general advice and more helpful tips on resumes, cover letters, interview questions and templates too.

Seek offers information on trends to see what roles and industries are in demand by seeing where job advertisements are increasing over periods of weeks, of course healthcare roles and nursing seem to be constantly in the top 5 top roles that are always needed.

2. Linked & LiveHire –

Linkedin and Livehire are both recruiting websites where you can network with active recruiters and search for new job opportunities by creating a professional career profile, this allows your work history to be seen and you never know what opportunities may come your way by chance.

As there are many recruiters and recruitment agencies who help different work places to find nurses to fill in available job vacancies, its actually quite common even if you are working at the moment to receive direct messages from recruiters who may offer you a new job role. 

Even for student nurses it’s worth starting to build an online profile as we connect with so many people everyday and with time each persons career starts to progress in different directions, we often lose contact with them. So staying connected with co-workers from your past will allow your network to become bigger and you may receive more opportunities from people who have actually worked with you.


3. Referrals

There’s that saying that gets used sometimes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” this is so true especially with referrals, people who already know you and your professional work may by chance mention that theres a new job opening that you may be interested in.

Sometimes the job role might not even be advertised yet and finding out by word of mouth from friends or work colleagues will help you to ‘tap’ into a hidden job market. Referrals are an advantage because you can gain so much informal information as you are able to ask questions more freely from the person bringing you the opportunity.

Its great when you get an offer for a job thats suitable for you its a ‘win-win’ for both sides, you never know with the relationships or even professional contacts you are making today how it might help you by opening new doors for you in the future. Personally I’ve had a few new opportunities come my way from people that have worked with me in the past and remembered me, its great as people are actually willing to help you.


4. Job fairs 

Job fairs are events where it’s a great starting place to meet different people from both nursing and from a variety of different companies. To find out about the events is by having memberships to a professional nursing organisation, University or a TAFE. 

Before the event begins you may receive online information with a program of the days activities with what the theme of the day is, plus on the actual day there are many organisations and companies with exhibitions or information booths to showcase who they are. Sometimes there are panel chats or speakers who explore areas on current talking points i.e. healthcare topics, career or education points, current or future innovations, professional issues etc. 

Being prepared before the event will be useful to take every opportunity to get the most out of the day as you will get a chance to meet with health professionals who work in your field of interest. One way to do this is to make a list of the companies you know you want to speak with, importantly list them in order of who is your top priority and see them first because if you run out of time you know you have met with your top choices and not missed them.

Also this time is an opportunity to ask questions to the people who work in the companies you are interested in, have some specific questions prepared on what you would like to find out more about. Being prepared shows that you are interested and this will help you to receive more comprehensive answers as well. Some example questions are –  

  1. What is the company’s culture and work environment?

Is it a public or a private organisation? You can ask about their values on respect, fairness, diversity etc. How big is the company/organisation? Is it a science/research or more religion based?

  1. What is the initial training like for new employees?

How many supernumerary days are there? What to expect from the orientation? What kind of educational supports are available while you are new to the job?

  1. Is there future possibilities of further education?

What further education opportunities are available for growth in your role? Is there a dedicated education team that you can contact in-house? Does the workplace have any affiliations with TAFEs/Universities? Are there any possibilities of scholarships for future education, like post grad studies?

  1. What future opportunities are there for career growth?

Are there future opportunities available within the organisation to develop further i.e. moving into management, education, community work, research etc.

I’ve recently learnt that some people take extra CV’s or resume’s to the job fair and give out them out especially if a memorable impression has been made, you never know you may be remembered in a beneficial way.


5. Company Websites & Social Media Platforms

If you know which company you would like to work for they may have a website that has a lot of information about them, with who they are and what they are about, all of this information is really handy to learn before a job interview too.

What to research from websites about different workplaces –

  • What health services they specialise in (Trauma, Woman’s health, Spinal injuries etc) 
  • What population/demographics they serve, 
  • Read the About page, 
  • What are their Values & Mission statements, 
  • What kind of continuing education they provide, 
  • What new innovations/research are they involved in, 
  • Check out what careers are currently being advertised &
  • Have a look at any extra content, news section, blog pieces etc.

Some organisations have a social media presence on one of the social media platforms, you will see the content they’ve created and it’s a way to engage and comment on their posts. I’ve found that its worth checking out the organisations regular posts as you may even hear about job openings they have through a post. Some social media posts can offer helpful tips on the job application process, what things to expect at job interviews, nurse life tips and heaps more.

As a nurse if you are using social media, it may be seen as usage for professional purposes and not just everyday personal usage. As social media uses real-time communication- your profile, pictures or any posts created need to be appropriate as this all reflects on the image of you. To find out more on nurses professional obligations with social media check out the NMBA- Social media: How to meet your obligations under the National Law –



All of these 5 ways to find new career opportunities are about giving you an advantage to be seen, before applying for any jobs you can find out so much information while exploring new job opportunities for the role that identifies with who you are as a nurse.


Pro tip – Canva is a website where you can find professional templates for resumes/CV’s, cover letters and heaps more, plus its all free too!! https://www.canva.com


  • Disclaimer – The links provided by the author in this blog post have no affiliations to any organisations mentioned, the content in this blog post is accurate as of the posting date.

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Thanks For Reading -Aussie Nurse

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