87 Roles In Nursing That Are Unique

Apr 25, 2023 | Aussie Nurse

On Pinterest I regularly make pins on different topics about nursing, recently I’ve been making them for a board titled ‘Who’s Your Nurse?’, its about different roles in nursing. As I was making the pins it was becoming more obvious that I knew that there are heaps of different job roles, but I have never taken the time to acknowledge how unique each individual nursing role is

Slowly I was writing the descriptions for the pins, it started to sink in that the range of roles that nurses work in is even more than I thought and offers so many diverse work settings to be in. Each nurse through experience or study builds up useful knowledge on the specific area of health that needs to be met for each type of patient/resident group.

With all the choices in nursing to work in, this may help you to find a unique role that interests you and to start taking the steps to form a career path that would professionally be more stimulating depending on your objectives and future goals. There are positions in the 5 domains of nursing being- Clinical, Management, Education, Research and Nurse Practitioners.

We all started at day one to gain a formal qualification, yet there are opportunities to advance further with some nurses starting their career as Enrolled nurses who complete a Diploma of Nursing and there are Registered nurses or Midwives both complete a Bachelors Degree. An advanced role in nursing is Nurse Practitioners who have a minimum of 5,000 hours of experience at advanced clinical nursing practice and as registered nurse are required to complete a master’s or a doctoral degree in nursing.

The traditional opinions is that nursing involves caring for patients/residents in healthcare settings that are hospital based or in long-term care facilities. But what’s not often seen is that nurses are involved in so many different sectors outside of clinical areas. Such as in universities for academic lecturers, nurses on holiday locations on cruise ships, military nurses are often deployed overseas, nurses working from home with tele-health services, refugee nurses making care accessible, in actual work places as occupational health nurses, driving and travelling far distances with remote nursing, Fifo nurses on mines/rigs sites and the list goes on.

Maybe as we all concentrate on our own work areas our job looks simple, yet its not easy, each of us has studied to build up useful knowledge and the experience from the daily work gives us background clinical knowledge with insights of conditions and what patient/resident may be going through with their health.

Nurses see the impact that health has on a persons health journey, for example –

  • A Spinal Nurse sees the anger & emotional impact of a person being told of a permanent spinal cord injury & total loss of function from paraplegia or quadriplegia/tetraplegia
  • Respiratory Nurses help & support a person with high levels of breathlessness. The shortness of breathe may cause exhaustion after a simple activity like a shower which is only a weekly event now, the whole day of function was in that one activity
  • A Burns Nurse attends to a burns victim regular wound care thats required to achieve healing & prevent any infections. Although the pain of the wound dressings may be more unbearable than the initial trauma

With each patient/resident group, nurses witness difficulties and have gained insights to understand how to help meet peoples challenges with their health. Nursing isn’t just about duties and tasks, I think when we’ve been working for a while its easy to forget what we actually do by being there for others.

Overall, the career of a nurse is multifaceted with all the different roles which allows nursing to be agile, we can virtually work anywhere and can move into different levels of positions. Each area includes its own level of education and training, yet so much is achievable as a nurse, it’s just about deciding where you want to take your career and then taking the steps to achieve that.

Check out – ‘Who’s Your Nurse?’ on  Pinterest

“Nursing is an art: and if it is to be made an art, it requires an exclusive devotion as hard a preparation as any painter’s or sculptor’s work”

– Florence Nightingale 

This is a list of 87 nursing roles and it isn’t exhaustive at all as there are many more roles. To find out more about each role below, check out the descriptions in Pinterest 

1. Enrolled Nurses, ENs
2. Registered Nurses, RNs
3. Midwives
4. Dual Registration Nurse-Midwife 
5. Dual Registration Nurse-Paramedic 
6. Being A Student Nurse 
7. Who Are Graduate Nurses? 
8. Clinical Nurse Specialist, CNS 
9. Nurse Executives, CEO’s 
10. Director Of Nursing, DON’s 
11. Quality Improvement Nurse 
12. Nurse Unit Managers, Num 
13. Associate Nurse Unit Managers, ANum 
14. Nurse Hospital Coordinators 
15. Clinical Ward Nurse 
16. Assistant In Nursing, AIN’s 
17. Emergency Nurses 
18. Mental Health Nurses 
19. Nurse Researchers 
20. Research Nurses 
21. Nurse Educators 
22. Clinical Nurse Educator 
23. Nursing Facilitator 
24. Aged Care Nurses 
25. Med/Surg Nurse 
26. Oncology Nurse 
27. Public Health Nursing 
28. Intensive Care Nurse 
29. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse, NICU 
30. Orthopaedic Nurse 
31. Paediatric Nurse 
32. Rehabilitation Nurse 
33. Cardiac Nurses 
34. Angiography Nurse 
35. Forensic Nurse 
36. Palliative Care Nurse 
37. Nurse Practitioners, NP 
38. Informatics Nurse 
39. Sexual Health Nurse 
40. Drug & Alcohol Nurse 
41. Tele-Health Nurse 
42. General Practice Nurse 
43. Military Nurse -Navy, Military or Air Force 

44. Cruise Ship Nurse 
45. Flight Nurse
46. Remote Nurse
47. Mining Nurse 
48. Community Nurses 
49. Geriatric Nurse 
50. Peri-operative Nurse 
51. Nurse Anaesthetist 
52. Scrub Nurse 
53. Recovery Nurse 
54. Plastics Nurse 
55. Interventional Radiology Nurse 
56. School Nurse 
57. Correctional health Nurse 
58. Trauma Nurse 
59. Burns Unit Nurse 
60. Spinal Nurse 
61. Wound Care Nurse
62. Diabetes Nurse 
63. Dialysis Nurse 
64. Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Sales Nurse 
65. Transplant Nurse 
66. Immunisation Nurse 
67. Neurological Nurse 
68. ColoRectal Nurse 
69. Urology Nurse 
70. Complex Discharge Planning Nurse 
71. Occupational Health Nurse 
72. Nurse Entrepreneur 
73. Respiratory Nurse 
74. Nurse Lecturers/Academics 
75. Cosmetic Nurse 
76. Stroke Nurse 
77. Endoscopy Nurse 
78. Refugee Nurse 
79. Specialist Clinics 
80. Infectious Disease Nurse 
81. Nurse Bloggers  
82. Casual/Agency Nurse 
83. Dermatology Nurse 
84. Ophthalmology Nurse 
85. Infection Control Nurse 
86. Pain Management Nurse 
87. What Is The Highest Nurse Role Of Nursing In Australia?Chief Nursing & Midwifery Officer, this role delivers high-level policy advice to the Minister for Health & the Executive & staff within the Department of Health

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