9 Funny Video’s – Laughter Is The Best Medicine!! 😂😂

Dec 21, 2021 | Aussie Nurse

These 9 videos are classics for all nurses, they all capture our unique type of humour

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Georgie Carroll

Georgie is originally from Manchester, England, nowadays she is a proud Australian. Georgie’s background was as an Emergency nurse for over 20 years and she is now a comedian with a sharp wit that is so natural.

To find out more about Georgie’s work, check out her website at – https://www.georgiecarroll.com

Warning – Strong Language

Georgie Carroll ABC Comedy Up Late

Rather Be Patient Than a Nurse

Nurse Blake 

Blake is a registered nurse from the USA, he is one of the largest nurse influencer’s with a podcast and he can be found on different social media platforms with over 600,000 followers. Blake is an advocate for nurses and patients through his programs including The Banned4Life Project and Nurses Support Their Young.  

To find out more about Blake’s work, check out his website at – https://nurseblake.com


Medical TV Shows Be Like....

When Nurses Try to Flirt 😂

Types of Nurse Preceptors *FUNNY* 😂

Best of Nurse Blake Tiktoks *FUNNY*

Tanya Hennessy

Tanya is an Australian comedian and a television presenter. Even though Tanya isn’t a nurse, these sketches will definitely resonate with nurses, so spot on.

To find out more about Tanya’s work, check out her Facebook page at –  https://www.facebook.com/thetanyahennessy/

Things people say to Nurses

Nurse on a Date

Thoughts all NURSES have (and never say)

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