Introduction to Aussie Nurse

Hello, I’m Aussie Nurse. I work in the private system as a Casual Nurse on the wards, somehow I’ve managed to swap between both the public & private healthcare systems throughout my whole career

My background is British-Indian, I trained & qualified as a Registered Nurse in the NHS. After a while I was led to travelling & nowadays I am based in Melbourne, Australia


Career Highlights –

My first career highlight is completing my training to become a registered nurse in England and I worked in the NHS – National Health Service, I see these early years as foundational they formed my beginnings well. I hold much pride in saying that I actually began my career in a system of UHC – Universal Health Care. 

Another career highlight for me is working and travelling as a nurse, after working in England for a couple of years I decided to go to New Zealand mainly to seek adventure with only a backpack with all of my personal belongings in. It was a fabulous experience that I still reminisce often about as I worked in both Wellington and Auckland as an agency nurse. 

It was the best of both worlds I got to work and fund my travels from the wages I made, yet I still had a ‘travel itch’. While in New Zealand I heard the term ‘Over The Ditch’ and in my curious ways it led me as an eagle eyed individual to Darwin where I spent some years. As Darwin is transient in nature it had a unique strong presence of community- it was just a fun place even with all the scary little creatures lurking around.

Nowadays I live in Melbourne, I would never admit it yet I might have to call myself a coffee snob – this is what Melbourne does to everyone with all the great choices of coffees and food around.

Being a casual nurse allows me to stay being a generalist as I rotate regularly between many specialities within medical, surgical, rehabilitation, palliative care and geriatric areas. To challenge myself further a few years ago I completed the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment which has led me to work as a Clinical Facilitator in sub-acute settings.

Moments sometimes are not always captured maybe due to the rush of the day, yet when the opportunity arises it is humbling to see nurses displaying compassion and kindness

My Inspirations To Become A Blogger In Healthcare –

My inspiration over time grew to to begin this blog, I wanted ‘to have a crack’ at writing mainly because I saw so many different health professionals with a digital presence. They are all individually unique and from there I realised we all have unique passions, different perspectives and are from a range of specialities within the world of healthcare.

There are many healthcare bloggers that I follow, although there are 2 Australian healthcare bloggers who are the OG’s, they both have inspired me for many years. Check out their blogs –

Twitter handle – @meta4RN

  • Eric Levi, Specialist Otolaryngology Surgeon (ENT), Eric’s message is Kindness-

Twitter handle – @DrEricLevi

“Nursing is one of the Fine Arts: I had almost said the finest of Fine Arts”

– Florence Nightingale

The beginnings of nursing started with Florence Nightingale who is seen as the pioneer of modern nursing. She was a statistician, “The Lady With the Lamp” and she set up the first nursing school- The Nightingale Training School at St Thomas Hospital, England.

Also, Mary Seacole who was from Jamaica was a Healer who forged through adversities. She faced unfairness and discrimination as a black woman, but her bravery helped to navigate and reach servicemen who were wounded on the battlefield to nurse and bring them back to health.

Having Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole in our history illustrates where nurses dedication is built from, especially when caring for others. But to the times that are current with the surrender to health with Coronavirus/Covid-19 starting in 2020, which is a remarkable time and it is exhausting in so many ways. Observing different healthcare workers accounts on different social media platforms and following the stories, it makes me feel so privileged to be in Australia at this time but it is bitter-sweet seeing these accounts from around the world.

The ICN (International Council of Nurses) provided figures that since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic many thousands of nurses globally have passed away. Not forgetting that healthcare involves many different professionals such as doctors, allied health and support services, they will always be remembered for their service to care for others which has come at a cost that is the ultimate sacrifice.



Whether you’re a new or seasoned nurse, I hope I offer some insights as nursing is a wild and great journey. In this blog there is a broad range of topics that will be covered for example – shift work, safety, support and lots more. 

Welcome & thank you for reading this blog, a new blog will be posted
once every month – Aussie Nurse


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