How Nursing Inspired Me To Become A Blogger

Oct 27, 2022 | Aussie Nurse

When I was deciding to start a blog I took a moment to pause and thought about the everyday work we do, its amazing because we meet so many people and some of these times stay with us by becoming memories, especially when we have cared for others we see the experiences of what people are going through with their health

Plus when I’m outside of work on an every day basis I consume some kind of content through reading, listening or watching so much and slowly I realised that I could share some of my experiences of my career as a registered nurse into a format that may be beneficial to others, my career has never been boring and like any health professional we encounter so much.

With nursing being a great source of inspiration there are so many things to write about so I started by trying to write some blog posts, it’s not very natural sometimes I can be sitting in front of my laptop with a blank screen that has no title and I have no ideas coming to my mind. Although I’ve found that when I reminisce about something that has happened in my past as a nurse somehow the typing starts to flow, its awesome when words suddenly start appearing on the screen.

The Turning Point To Start Blogging –

The push that made me decide to start writing was after an extreme time in my career, a few years ago I sustained some injuries with being involved in a manual handling accident, it was unfortunate as other nurses were hurt too. Even with all the time that has passed I haven’t found the right way to articulate about the incident just yet.

As that manual handling incident has left such a permanent presence on me, it leads me down the road of thinking about both nursing and healthcare especially with the daily chaotic push and pulls in our profession, being a nurse can be so difficult and emotionally overwhelming at times. 

The incident has added so much confusion to my sense of being a nurse and in the future it will be something I will write about as safety is incredibly important.

“When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words” 

– Mahatma Gandhi

Writing And Healing – 

I’ve always thought our insights as nurses are unique, we play a massive role in healthcare and nurses are prominent when facing any person needing services for their health. In all the different settings we work in we are communicating constantly with so many people and words have so much power, we try to connect with people in quite vulnerable and emotionally difficult circumstances.

They may be struggling with an illness or health outcomes that may be poor and working in a hospital setting I try to be mindful they are in a strange environment away from their homes, often in a hospital gown and not looking or functioning in a way that is normal for them. In hospitals a person can be in single room by themselves, it can be for long periods of time and I wonder how many patients are led down the path of self exploration of feelings of loss, heartache or just quiet loneliness by themselves.

Just thinking about that is massive our job is important and seeing such human problems on display to us as nurses, especially with people who are trying to articulate what they are going through with the mix of emotions brings humility.

With writing as Aussie Nurse I’ve realised how much nurses try to help people find ways to cope and navigate the uncertainty with their health while they are trying to heal. We do this with the limits of our jobs, yet we try to connect and allow the person to tell their story in a way that shows understanding towards them.

This is probably why I still enjoy working at the bedside because in between the hustle of our work we meet different characters and seeing peoples spirit is amazing, I often wonder if my words of encouragement have made any persons stay in hospital a tiny bit easier.

Nurses Online Presence –

Before I started blogging I never realised how many nurses and health professionals have a website or are on one of the social media platforms, a lot of people have a specific area of healthcare they are interested in and its great because when we share everyone learns.

With so many inspiring people in healthcare we are naturally open to teaching, online some health professionals teach educational pieces on websites/streaming services, there’s light relief with hilarious videos on social platforms, others have podcasts that can be listened to in the background, some are incredible artists and heaps of health professionals have written books.

The wealth of resources come from a lot of diverse perspectives as we all experience the work of being a nurse differently, whatever specialism you work in there is something for everyone. If you are a nurse wanting to start something creative, I definitely recommend it as this brings more exposure to the work we do in a way that allows us to connect and share so much that is beneficial to so many nurses.

(Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash)


“You Can’t Use Up Creativity, the More You Use the More You Have” 

– Maya Angelou

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