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The Top Five Regrets Of Dying

Bronnie Ware has written this book that is profound, Bronnie was working in palliative care as a carer. She had conversations with people close to the end of life, basically on their death beds.

These conversations led to people bringing their regrets to surface and Bronnie illustrates the five most common regrets in this book



Bush Nurses

Bush Nurses has collections of Nursing stories from remote & rural Australia, where nurses were the only ones available to help. This book illustrates both the conditions they worked in & the incredible resourcefulness of their skills in all sorts of situations that they faced

The Butchering Art- Joseph Lister’s Quest To Transform The Grisly World of Victoria Medicine

Pre-warning- Gruesome, wounds and guts Gruesome!! This book by Lindsey Fitzharris portrays the history of Joseph Lister in London during the Victorian age. Joseph’s work has saved millions of lives with his discovery of antiseptic surgery and with a reduction in post operative infections

Notes on Nursing, What is & what it is not

Florence Nightingale wrote this book and it has a collection of her notes. This book is a piece of history, where Florence has captured her observations and concerns of caring for these that are sick.

Any nurse will relate to Florence’s writings


The Language Of Kindness

This book is memoirs from Christie, she is from the UK and has nursed for twenty years, she shares her moment from her experiences. These incredible and touching moments happen in every nurses career, they are defining.

This will resonate to anyone who cares for others, as it is about kindness and stretching a hand out to others


This Is Going To Hurt

Adam Kay provides a valuable, funny & horrifying lens into the life of a junior doctor. Accounts of long hours, emotions, stress and the effects of working on the front line has on personal lives of these in England’s health system- the NHS

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas

This is a short book of festive Christmas themed funny stories by Adam Kay. The stories are from a Doctor working in the NHS & this book definitely relates to the dark humour of health professionals


This autobiography of Mary Seacole (1805–1881) is about her many adventures & travels. She faced many difficulties & she overcame them with bravery to help soldiers in the Crimean war. This is the first autobiography written by a black woman in Britain

The Compassion Project

Dr Julian Abel and Lindsey Clarke have written about the Frome Project which was conducted in a small rural town in England. The project centred around Compassion within a community of networking & support, it was proved by hospital admissions numbers falling. The incredible results transformed the quality of people’s lives with a sense community

Great Australian Outback Nurses Stories

Whilst collecting stories from Outback Nurses, ‘Swampy’ had a major fall from a cliff in Kakadu. This allowed him to experience first hand the amazing characters & skills of nurses who deal with providing care selflessly in rural and remote committees of Outback Australia 

Front Line Heroes

Since 2020 illustrator & creator of fantasy art MJ Hiblen, has paid tribute to nurses & health professionals who are facing the virus on a daily basis to care for others, during 2020 with the Covid-19 virus

The care factor

This book is about a Nurse called Simone during Covid-19, she retrained to work in an ICU. It illustrates her journey through the pandemic with Alisa the writer who captured Simone’s accounts of emotions & different connections with people that were experienced 

Off The Charts

This hilarious book is by Georgie Carroll, she used to an Emergency nurse & is now an Australian comedian. There’s funny stories on the daily life of nurses at work in hospitals that will resonate, definitely a book that will make you laugh out loud

Going Under

This book is funny & is about Dr Holliday, she is transitioning from a trainee medic to receiving a job at a Sydney hospital. The hard work to survive on the wards was only beginning for Dr Holliday, it gives us insights into the realities of the pressures of being in the medical profession

ER Nurses

The writer J. Patterson’s shows the true stories of the important work from the front line of ER nurses in the US. A day that’s ordinary in Emergency is far from anyone else’s normal day with the struggles that nurses regular face in emergency health settings

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Nurse & Midwife Support - Podcast

This podcast covers topics about having a healthy & sustainable career in healthcare. Nurse & Midwife Support is an Australian 24/7 support service for nurses, midwives & students- they have many helpful resources

Phone contact – 1800 667 877

Nursing and Midwifery Emporium

Nicole (Nurse Manager HQ) & Sue (Nursing CPD Institute) are the hosts of this podcast. They cover a range of topics in nursing with guests who talk about many topics in the ‘life’ of being a nurse

The Nurse Break

The Nurse Break brings many nurses together on its website by allowing nurses to create & publish content. This podcast invites guests to discuss the different roles that they work in as a nurse

Dr Death

Dr Death has 3 seasons, the link included here is the first season. These real life stories are about Doctors who people trusted in, past their charms & great bedside manners not everything was as it seems- the podcasts reveal so much more

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