The Wonderful World Of Food On The Television

Apr 26, 2022 | Aussie Nurse

This happens often after patients are admitted into hospital, they ask why they are not in a private room? Unfortunately they become a little unsure why they haven’t received what they are promised beforehand

I try by explaining that on television or wherever advertisements are found, often what is promoted is that a person will receive a private room with their private health policies. The only thing I can think to talk about is how the buildings are actually old and made in a time where nursing bays were seen as the normal environment in these days.

Advertisements like this provide people with an appearance and when they arrive the reality is different, I don’t mind explaining things but it makes it difficult for the person when they have different expectations and sometimes its easy to see that they are not as comfortable during their stay.

The other day when I was watching the tv I asked myself- Am I unknowingly mixing real life with what’s entertainment?

To explore that question I focused on one of my favourite programs, Masterchef and I started to think about what is it about that show that really draws me in that I can’t even miss an episode, here’s some of my thoughts – 

On Masterchef the competitors that we see on the screen are everyday people who before starting this journey probably never thought life could be any different, I’m guessing more than likely they worked in areas that were professionally away from food. 

This show offers a new path that allows someone to follow their passion for food, in the first few episodes of the season it’s easy to see through the tv how everyone is nervous and even more it’s palpable how excited they are. Every contestant is unity by that passion of the love of food and they do that by both creating and sharing, it’s a competitive show where skills do shine.

Possibilities of the final prize is very handsome yet it doesn’t stop there after the show has ended as we have seen in previous years many past contestants have pursued new opportunities, they have had ‘new doors opened’ for them, it allows that person to transform. 

With the judges prompts and guidance we watch as individuals discover who they are by unlocking a deeper level, they touch on what makes that person them at their core. They do this by recognising an individuals culture, or past/current life situations and strengths are tapped into.

It’s noticeable that it takes intensive work to perfect the dishes and its like the screen is a little alive – you can almost smell the dishes, the colours are vivid, the food is presented beautifully and you see some contestants sweating under the pressure of the clock, i can’t help but be totally invested.

The food has a mouth watering effect and it inspires us at home to experiment with our own cooking, we try different foods, new ingredients and put focus on textures and flavours. Mind you there isn’t any pressure of following a brief at home. 

The environment is friendly, competitive and safe, there’s a nurse always present behind the scenes applying these blue coloured band aids and providing other first aid. I wonder how do I get that job? And if there’s ever any left overs? Hehe

Here are a few quick thoughts of the things I see on the screen- 

  • Everyone is encouraging of each other’s work
  • There’s kindness towards each other through gestures
  • Supportive words are provided
  • Cheeky light hearted banters are fun to hear
  • Friendships are built with being together & sharing
  • Each individuals strengths are encouraged to be pursued
  • Weaknesses are met with criticism that are sensitive to the feelings of the person receiving them
  • Things sometimes go wrong but theres always a way to change a recipe by never giving up
  • The contrast of smiles & tears is accepted

This kind of tv illuminates and entertains, all whilst watching the contestants impressively improve each day. This happens with all the ever changing rhythm and tone of the background music and celebrations, seeing the dishes of food allows us at home to be part of the experience as well.

Masterchef taps into my imagination and allows some escape from my normal routine all this while I’m just about to leave for my night shift at work, in reality I know that the television’s appearance is only a vehicle for entertainment, mind you I am lifted and ready for work.


(Photo by canva)

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