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Dec 16, 2020 | Aussie Nurse

2020 – A year that made us afraid, it has taken us courage to face the day to day with a virus that demanded so much. As what was offered was crazy real, we had to accept things as they were – 2020 came and changed us in testing ways

The freedoms of not living with restrictions is something I will not take for granted, even getting onto a plane to see loved ones or travelling for a holiday used to be so easy. As the changes were so immense this year it was super important to remember putting ourselves first as there were so many valid emotions and feelings to wrestle with.

I’m like many nurses this year who watched the effects by being involved in providing care as the first and second Covid-19 breakouts progressed in healthcare settings in the state of Victoria. Donning and doffing became second nature as we adopted PPE as somewhat a regular uniform.

Bedside manner was evident throughout, the eyes are pretty expressive when communicating- I was able to display a smile and when needed sadness. I listened to many peoples insights and experiences even if it was a for few moments, though I didn’t have any answers for their concerns, the united empathy was humbling.

Being in Australia we’re watching how some countries health systems are stretched, it’s just incredible as the health professionals display perseverance to show up and provide care for these that need it- even though they are ‘walking into a fire’ everyday.

This year marks the 200th year anniversary of – The Year of the Nurse & Midwife- we will be remembered for turning up to work even with the risks present. Internationally many nurses are still returning positive results to COVID-19 and seeing the amount of nurses who have past away is heart breaking – thats a kind ‘real’ that no one wants to face.

Also, I’m writing this blog piece at a stage where we are watching the first vaccinations being administered in the UK through the NHS and May Parsons a British-Filipino nurse has cemented her name in history by administering the first COVID-19 vaccine.


This gives us so much hope that we are somewhat starting the process to reduce  the outbreaks of Covid-19, this will allow us to return life to some normality that we knew ‘Pre-Covid’.

In the future when we look back in 5, 10 or even 20 years I wonder what hindsight learnings will be found from the impact of Covid-19 and how this will shape our future within healthcare. Being based in Melbourne, Australia I’m so pleased we’ve done so great in this wonderful country.

During this year that is 2020 I am proud to say I am a Nurse! I am grateful and feel lucky that I have worked with many nurses who made a great agile team.

I Welcome 2021 with Excitement!!


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Virtual Hugs & Stay Safe

– Aussie Nurse

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