Travelling As A Nurse

Oct 10, 2019 | Aussie Nurse

I was just reminiscing on why I decided to move to Australia and how useful it was to have nursing as a career, as it has allowed me to combine both travelling and working at the same time.

At first, it was about the sense of adventure, Australia was a new place and I had the chance to meet new people, it was so exciting. The plan was to travel to different countries in Asia as they are so close to Australia, I could hop onto a plane, see new beautiful places and immerse myself into all the different aspects of each of the countries cultures, such as experiencing the beliefs, values and languages.

When ever I go overseas, I love meeting new people and of course the biggest plus of travelling is trying heaps of new yummy foods.

On a personal level travelling has helped me by getting me out of my comfort zone and has effected me greatly in the most positive ways. As an individual it is amazing how much you learn about yourself especially at times when you are tested in difficult situations, getting out of these situations will provide you with stories that are priceless.

Each time I go to a new country I see things through a new lens. I get to experience the different norms, practices and how life is so contrasting from what I’m used to. Also, trying to communicate to someone when you both can’t speak the same language becomes pretty dynamic and can be fun for both parties, especially when smiles and laughter are exchanged.

The great thing is, its easy to meet and make new friends, I now have formed a global network of friends and accumulated both experiences and memories with them.

It is wonderful how nursing has allowed me to explore my desire of wanderlust, as it is a profession where the skills of being a nurse is transferable all over the world.

Let’s make time to see the world – “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”

– Confucius

International Travel Nursing

The opportunities for a nurse to work internationally are huge, nurses may work on either short term or long term contracts, it’s exciting as you can transfer your knowledge as a nurse to a new country and have an impact there.

As a nurse you can go on working holidays, volunteer, be on internships or even be in the role of teaching.


Here are some more ideas on nursing and travelling-

  • Cruise ship nurses
  • Flight nurses with aero medic crews
  • FIFO nurses to oil rigs or mines
  • Resort nurses
  • Travel companion nurses and
  • Humanitarian nursing

Travel Nursing Within Australia

Within Australia, the vastness of this great country gives you the freedom and the flexibility to travel the country anywhere to work. Nurses can be situated in a metropolitan, regional or a remote setting and all whilst chasing the Australian sun.

There are particular nurse agencies that will help you to search for job vacancies and may offer you blocks of placements. A great positive if it is available, is that the agency may help you find accommodation at a reduced price, which on its own is a great saving.

After finishing being a travelling nurse, returning back to a more permanent area of living and working means applying for jobs and you’re travelling may be seen as a positive, as you may be seen as being adaptable. Mainly due to working in different settings/environments and you may be seen as having gained different skills or knowledge, as a whole its great having this experience on your CV.

Don’t forget your camera, thanks for reading.

‘The world is your oyster’

– William Shakespeare

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